Brandon Gaut – Principal Investigator

037 B.Gaut

Brandon has been a faculty member at UCI since 1998, after being an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, a postdoc at North Carolina State University and a graduate student at UC Riverside.  When not working, he is usually trying to take advantage of the SoCal weather by pursuing some sort of outdoor activity, like biking or surfing.

Danelle Seymour – Postdoc

Danelle received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Genetics at UC Davis. She completed her Ph.D. with Detlef Weigel at the Max Planck Institute of Developmental Biology Tübingen, Germany. While at MPI, she studied the evolution of DNA methylation in Brassicaceae as well as the genetic basis of intraspecific hybrid phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana.


Yongfeng Zhou – Postdoc


Yongfeng joined the lab in December 2015. He received his Ph.D. and a year of post-doc training from the University of Oulu, Finland, under the supervision of Prof. Outi Savolainen. Yongfeng has a background in population genetics and is currently investigating domestication genetics of grape and rice.

Aline Muyle – Postdoc

Aline has been in the lab since November 2017.  She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Lyon where she also received two years of post-doctoral training under Gabriel Marais.  Aline has successfully competed for postdoctoral fellowships from the L'Oreal Foundation fellowship, EMBO and Human Frontiers. Her primary expertise is in bioinformatics and the evolution of sex chromosomes.


Edwin Solares – Ph.D. Student

Edwin joined the lab in 2017 as a Ph.D. student.  Edwin earned his undergraduate degree from UC Irvine, where he studied computer science.  His main interests are genome assembly, structural variants and domestication.  He is currently funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Tiffany Batarseh – Ph.D. Student

Tiffany joined the lab in 2018 after earning her degree in Biology from UCI.  She has substantial expertise in microbial genetics, and she is is chiefly interested in the evolution of microbial systems. She is currently funded by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


Yuanda Lyu – Visiting Scientist

Yuanda is visiting the laboratory from 2017 to 2018.  He is currently an Associate Professor at the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Nanjing, China, where he primarily works on the genomics of maize.

Rebecca Gaut – Lab Manager

After working in the biotech industry for several years, Becky made the unfortunate decision to marry a budding academic. Since then, she’s worked in research labs at several universities, most recently in the lab of her husband.  That’s right – Becky has tolerated Brandon both in the lab for 20+ years and at home for 30!  In the lab, she does everything molecular, from high throughput library prep, to BSseq, to vector construction and beyond.